Major CRM Platforms Build Strong Relationships

Ask Your Insurance Pro

Systems like Radius, Zoho, Salesforce, and StarterCRM provide the support needed by your insurance professional to meet your needs. For a good analysis of the Top 10 recommended CRMs, go to Look for an insurance pro who cares about connecting with you over the long haul.

Staying in touch with you, the customer, should be your insurance agent’s top priority. Many agents struggle with organizing their contacts and following up with prospects who need their services.  Each customer is in some ways like a unique puzzle, with many pieces representing individual needs and resulting solutions. It often takes more than one conversation for customers to get comfortable with making a decision about insurance. Does your agent stay in touch and follow up with you in a timely manner?

Building Trust

Factors that may impact customers’ insurance needs include, for example, health conditions that don’t allow them to immediately qualify for coverage at a reasonable cost. Perhaps the relationship between customer and agent has not reached a level of trust based on the information provided. Someone who isn’t ready to make a purchasing decision right away will want helpful advice and an insurance pro they can trust. This takes time in most cases.

A CRM system is used by many insurance professionals to manage sales, service, quality, and support of each customer. Customer information is organized in practical categories that make it easy for the agent to review customer contact details, know what the customer needs, and identify the best timing to follow up. Just like agents, all CRM systems are not equal. Some are inexpensive to free, while others can cost $200+ each month.

Multi-Tasking Made Easy

The functions of a good CRM system assist insurance professionals with staying in touch with customers, at the right time and when services are needed. Features may include task and calendar reminders, reports, recent customer conversations, buying decisions, customer-friendly emails, phone call record-keeping, pricing, inter-agency referrals, and customer documents on file or to be obtained. Many CRM systems sync with Google or Outlook to help the insurance pro provide top-of-mind service demanded by customers.

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