The Jeff Ragan Agency provides Auto, Home, Life, Business and Farm Insurance through ALFA Insurance (Alabama Farmers Federation). The ALFA product is competitively priced and is highly ranked in customer satisfaction in the state of Mississippi. When ALFA is not a good fit for the client, the Agency has many other options for home, auto, and commercial coverage.

Auto Insurance

For peace of mind, Alfa auto insurance offers a comprehensive line of coverage. Our Agency staff is trained to provide you with a detailed description of your coverages and what those coverages mean to you. Our claims are handled by a regional office and customers receive personal service with a designated representative throughout the claims process. In the event of an accident, you want a company that will provide the level of service that is unmatched! You don’t have to go through the claims process alone, let Jeff Ragan and his staff be there for you.

Home Insurance

Your home is one of your most valuable investments! The Jeff Ragan Agency wants to make sure your home is covered properly in the event of a disaster. Each home that is written through the agency will be properly inspected around the outside to make sure the adequate coverages are applied to the policy. Not only the home but any other structures such as pools, decks and detached buildings need the proper amount of coverage. When it comes to your personal belongings inside the home, we offer increased coverage options for items such as guns and jewelry, as well as itemized coverage for anything with specific value. Combine this with auto insurance to get discounts and save money for all your insurance needs.

Life Insurance

If you had a money machine, which would you insure…the machine or the money? Hopefully the machine! You are the money machine, if something happens to you, everything that you have worked for goes away. Give your family peace of mind, let’s talk about life coverage that insures your family’s security. We provide a wide range of life insurance policies, each with its own distinct advantages to fit your needs.

Business Owner Insurance

From offices and bakeries to construction and landscaping, The Jeff Ragan Agency has plenty of options available for your business needs. It is not always a one size fits all! You can choose options that fit the needs of your business, and not pay for options that you don’t need. Whether you need General Liability only or a comprehensive coverage policy, let Jeff Ragan sit down with you to review your business policy and save you money.

Church Insurance

The Jeff Ragan Agency offers a church policy through ALFA Insurance that is unmatched in the market! As with business policies, all churches are not the same! Jeff will come to the church and spend time discussing the unique needs of the church. Most church policies are one size fits all, which means you pay more for something you may not need. A church policy through ALFA Insurance could keep thousands of dollars in the church each year.

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